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Our Services
We follow client centric counselling
  • Building rapport and addressing emotional issues.
  • Providing non-judgmental and empathetic listening
  • Helping other to recover self-esteem
  • Assisting to resolve confusion, get clarity and rationality of the situation
  • Exploring alternative options and discussing their consequences.
  •  Strengthening confidence to regain independence in decision making.
  • Generally, we have face-to-face sessions where counsellor and counselee get an opportunity to understand each other better. 
  • We also offer distance counselling via telephone or Internet in certain extra ordinary situations.

Individual Counselling
Our counsellors give full attention and support to the counsellees in one-to one sessions within the privacy of a counselling room. The safe and comfortable atmosphere thus created helps the counsellor build up a rapport with the counsellee.   This provides an opportunity for the counsellee to ventilate, discuss, reflect, and understand issues in a relaxed, confidential, and non-judgemental atmosphere.

Couple Counselling
Marital/live-in relationships can be tumultuous.  Our counsellors take joint sessions or individual sessions depending on the persons and the issues to be dealt with.  Gradually a conducive atmosphere is built to provide a common platform for communication to help the couple to make their decision.

Family Counselling
Inter personal relationships in a family are multi-dimensional.  This can lead to conflicting issues resulting in stresses and strains affecting all the family members. 
We in Sneha, create an opportunity for each member to express and address his/her feelings and encourage the group to resolve their differences together.

Referral Service
Sneha networks with other help lines in the city.  In cases out side the domain of a lay counsellor, the caller is referred to the appropriate professional services.

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