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Myths about Counselling
  • Consulting a counsellor is a sign of weakness and is meant for people with severe mental health problems. Strong minded people can address their own emotional issues.


  • Any normal healthy person can experience difficulties in coping with emotional issues at any point of time.  For example, a relationship breakdown or bereavement can create emotional trauma.   Seeking counselling help without delay is a wise decision.
  • Asking for help is often one of the most difficult things to do. Seeing a counsellor is about recognising that one has a problem and taking responsibility for one’s personal welfare. It is not about dumping one’s problems on somebody else.
  • Sharing and exploring one’s feelings and emotions lead to self- understanding and help to find a positive way of living.

Myths about Problem solving

  • Problems and difficulties go away in time.
  • Problems are created by other people or by social circumstances beyond one’s control.    Therefore, it is up to other people or society to solve the problem.
  • Counsellor must give a solution to my problem.
  • If problems or difficulties are not dealt with, they do not go away on their own.  Delays in taking action can only aggravate the problem.
  • One has to take responsibility and address one’s own problem(s) and the onus for resolving it is on the person concerned.
  • A counsellor is only a facilitator who helps one to find one’s own solution(s). 

Myths about Medication 

  • Counsellor / doctors prescribe anti-depressants for all types of emotional problems.  Medication only makes a person drowsy, and does not help to solve problems.
  • It is ok to reduce / stop levels of prescribed dosage at one’s own discretion.
  • Counsellors do not prescribe any medication.  However, in case of requirement the counselee is advised to seek professional help.
  • In certain mental conditions, medical treatment is an absolute necessity for recovery.
  • It is very important to strictly follow the instructions of the psychiatrist / doctor.  Self-medication is very Dangerous.

Myth about when to seek counselling help

  • Only people with serious problems need to see a counsellor
  • While it is true that some people put –off seeking counselling help until they are desperate, many people come before this, participate actively in solving their problems and leave feeling satisfied with the outcome.

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